Case Report

Voluminous Laryngeal Schwannoma Treated with Endoscopic Laser Approach


  • Mohamed Mehdi El Fakiri
  • Youssef Rochdi
  • Fatima-Zahra Abdala
  • Hassan Nouri
  • Abdelaziz Raji

Received Date: 25.06.2019 Accepted Date: 06.12.2019 Turk Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2020;58(1):52-55

Laryngeal schwannomas are rare benign encapsulated neurogenic tumors that represent less than 1.5% of all benign laryngeal tumors. We report a case of voluminous laryngeal schwannoma that was incidentally found during endotracheal intubation for thyroidectomy in a 43-year-old woman with clinical findings, features of radiologic and histopathologic examinations. The tumor was removed by CO2 laser during microlaryngoscopy. In this case report, we present a challenging approach that can be used in diagnosis and treatment of laryngeal schwannomas. Complete removal of the tumor should be considered as the initial approach to minimize morbidity.

Keywords: Schwannoma, nerve sheath tumors, larynx, minimally invasive surgical procedures