Laryngeal Transplantation


  • Öner Sakallıoğlu

Received Date: 09.03.2015 Accepted Date: 03.06.2015 Turk Arch Otorhinolaryngol 2015;53(3):128-132

Patients who require laryngectomy usually do not want to completely or partially lose their larynx. Laryngeal transplantation (LT) is a composite tissue transplantation from a cadaver to an alive recipient and requires lifelong immunosuppression in postoperative term. The aims of LT are breathing without tracheostoma, normal swallowing, and voice production. To date, only two successful complete LT have been performed in human despite many researches. The requirement of post-transplant immunosuppressive treatment has ethical concern for the larynx, which is a non-vital organ. However, LT may be an option for improving the quality of life of patients undergoing laryngectomy. In this study, we discussed the LT procedure and researches with the literature.

Keywords: Laryngectomy, larynx, transplantation, airway reconstruction, immunosuppression